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California Resources Agency
  Name: Julie Alvis
  phone: 653-9264
  Email: julie.alvis@resources.ca.gov
Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy
  Name: Kerrie Marshall
  phone: 760 776-5026
  Email: kmarshall@dc.rr.com
Coastal Conservancy, State
  Name: Dick Wayman
  phone: 510 286-4182
  Email: dwayman@scc.ca.gov
Department of Conservation
  Name: Charles Tyson
  phone: 916-324-0862
  Email: ctyson@consrv.ca.gov
Fish And Game, Department of
  Name: Kari Lewis
  phone: 916445-3789
  Email: klewis@dfg.ca.gov
Parks And Recreation, Department of
  Name: Kim Snyder
  phone: 916-327-7297
  Email: ksnyd@parks.ca.gov
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
  Name: Melissa Smith
  phone: (310) 589-3200
  Email: smith@smmc.ca.gov
Sierra Nevada Conservancy
  Name: Angela Avery
  phone: 530-823-4681
  Email: aavery@sierranevada.ca.gov
Tahoe Conservancy, California
  Name: Amy Cecchettini
  phone: 530 543-6033
  Email: amy.cecchettini@tahoe.ca.gov
Water Resources, Department of
  Name: Paul Farris
  phone: 916 653-5815
  Email: pfarris@water.ca.gov
Wildlife Conservation Board
  Name: Ashley Lackey
  phone: (916) 323-3417
  Email: ashley.lackey@wildlife.ca.gov
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