California Natural Resources Agency Conservation Easements

This web site provides a publicly accessible registry of all conservation easements held or required by the State, or purchased with State grant funds on or after January 1, 2000. Data on easements are provided by the California Department of General Services and those agencies involved with the purchase, funding or requiring of conservation, open-space and agricultural easements. At the discretion of the participating agencies, this registry may contain data on easements recorded before 2000.

The Conservation Easement Registry was developed in response to Senate Bill 1360 (Kehoe, 2006) which created the Registry, and Assembly Bill 188 (Aghazarian, 2007), which expanded the information required for inclusion in the Registry. Combined, these two legislative measures require the California Resources Agency to build and maintain a publicly accessible web site for this information to facilitate better conservation and resource planning among State agencies, local government, nonprofit organizations and the public.

Please do not assume that easements in this registry are accessible to the public.

Many conservation easements do not provide for or require public access due to concerns for sensitive species, existing agricultural operations, ongoing flood control operations, and the lack of trails and other public safety and accessibility accommodations.

The accuracy and completeness of the data in this registry depends on contributions from individual agencies. Questions or comments about the information in this registry can be submitted via the "Contact Us" link.